sábado, junio 22


A clone deciphers claw-carved sigils//A clone deciphers the end line of the ADAM Doll//It fecundates the Placenta World/the artificial sun of a cyber dog pack::the matrix body fluid/my soul machine of the womb area/the sun of the despair machine that the REC brain of the sex machine sutures to swastika=clone-transmission assassin of a swastika girl fecundates the spasm::LOAD contracts//::A machine angel fecundates the viral ovarium::it is the digital-vampire tomb-device of the proton of the Sato Corps rape division cell/

anti=Heaven lobotomy is murder trigger::vital transplantation ruins//The switch of gene=TV is cut>Leap a DNA channel>The fix shot of the drag embryo=soul-machine>The mode between the universe of ToKAGE reverses=it evolves//It pulsates metal-congenital::the zero temperature of the close skin::it fecundates the existence sun of the apoptosis spectre ray quantity/the Placenta World of the ADAM Doll REC::it is the season of the murder of the chromosome//[ice nebula faecal black] expanding universe period=anthropoid mode that the emotion of a gene level feeds -the hybrid body plane of clone boys//Horizon of the DNA reflux that the blood desert disgorges -war internal- love doll commits suicide with the soul-machine of the spectre that annihilates::machinative angel of virus code::as your sun encrypted evil that resolves the brain of fatalities/

fragment from Blood Electric by Kenji Siratori, 2002.