domingo, octubre 28

sábado, octubre 20

bent over

bent over
fucking bastard

this is your chance 
to talk about ya.

one more time
bent over

lick my boots

there is no other...

to do this song
is flip flap 

nobody got the chance
to find the right words to say

this is a slap


the most basic ideas
the national interest
issues of disease
terrorism is not a problem at the level of the State
it is a problem at the level of people

jueves, octubre 4


There was a party last night. Eran noche de cumbia. Noche de cumbia was her name. Playing as jazz dancers with leotards and straps. They were the dancers that come like twat.

Dare a+w a party last night. I don't know how. "I can't go harder". Sh's a surprise.

Jokes and stuff. Bring me some junk. There was the Lady. Mme. Satie. Señora dual a la cual admirar.

Señor de traje y camisa amarilla. Mucho gusto, pase usted. There he was like dancing. With his cowboy style and Ray Ban glasses.

What is so hard? To show the venue. To see the style.

Pensamos que..."Three Wishes" are alright. The space is beyond. And there is a land.

Pensar la forma.