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domingo, febrero 22


The moral qualities appropriate to this figure are swiftness and strength. But he is sometimes inclined to act on impulse; sometimes easily led by external influences; sometimes, especially in trifles, a prey to indecision. He is often violent, especially in the expression of an opinion, but he does not necessarily hold the opinion about which he is so emphatic. He states a vigorous proposition for the sake of making it. He is in fact very slow to make up his mind thoroughly on any subject, but always sees both sides of every question. He is essentially just, but always feels that justice is not to be attained in the intellectual world. His character is intensely noble and generous. He may be an extravagant boaster, while slyly laughing both at the object of his boast and at himself for making it. He is romantic, especially in matters of history and tradition, to the point of folly, and may engineer "stunts" or play elaborate practical jokes. He might select some inoffensive nobody, and pursue him for years with every weapon of ridicule, as Swift tormented the unhappy Partridge, all without the least animus, ready to give the shirt off his back, should his victim be in need. His sense of humour is omnivorous, and may make him a mysterious figure, dreaded without reason by people who actually know nothing about him but his name -as a symbol of Terror. This is due to the influence of the last decan of Cancer upon this card.

One of his greatest faults is pride; meanness and pettiness of any kind he holds in infinite scorn. His courage is fanatically strong, and his endurance indefatigable. He is always fighting against odds, and always wins in the long -the very long-run. This is principally due to his enormous capacity for work, which he exercises for its own sake, "without lust of result"; perhaps his haughty contempt for the world at large -which however co-exists with profound and ecstatic respect for "every man and every woman" as "a star" -is responsible for this.

martes, febrero 17


Hola Hello Salut Hallo

9:56 your connection is not so good
9:56 yeah is not so good
9:56 or maybe you move as a cat
9:56 :'(

10:00 in 30 mins you will be here?
10:00 yeah it's ok. i slept a lot

10:00 i found strange stuff in my room
10:00 i must be on the train station at 8H11
10:00 i will sell so many things in my flat
10:00 you look so cute I like your child face

16:59 he's a singer
16:59 swinger
16:59 lol

17:18 i must try with u

10:36 call me when u can i'm so tired
10:36 i feel like a foreigner in my own flat

11:29 it's a hard life to be here without u. give me some good music to not feel depressed
11:29 i'm going out to take a beer
11:29 ok i'll take a shower

00:19 what's going on?

11:41 FUCK U
11:41 you LIE
11:42 FUCK U

11:44 i call u in 30 mins when i'm alone
11:44 please answer my call

12:10 hahahahahahahah
12:10 now i'm alone

12:15 i'll stop the music wait

12:22 many children were sick

12:31 i want to cry
12:32 it's so hard for me to see this pixels

12:40 make a video for me
12:40 just u
12:40 for my bed time
12:40 ;)

16:32 i'm stoned
16:34 i'm nostalgic i don't like my face when i'm stoned

8:20 call me

9:43 it could be a great city to go

10:32 what was the song from misfits?

23:55 i was so drunk i puked
23:58 on my flat
23:58 near my bed

00:04 answer me

06:48 i miss u

13:36 it's better for u to forget me

17:37 please be here when i come back
17:37 ok :)

11:11 don't judge me
11:11 not this night
11:12 call me
11:12 i can't
11:12 why not?
11:12 i don't want

12:42 i'm working slowly in my computer.. i must say you so many things i know many things now.. i must speak with u..

20:55 i'm so sad to see you drinking
20:55 i think a lot now
20:56 i feel strange
20:57 don't worry YOLO
20:57 living in a dream
20:57 that's what i'm doing

sábado, febrero 14

martes, febrero 10

8 de enero de 1910. Comienza el vuelo.
30 de noviembre de 1911. Descubres mi inmensidad con tus propios ojos.
14 de abril de 1914. Bombardeos. Primeros intentos.
5 de febrero 1915. Fuerza. Carranza. Corrección de tiros de artillería.
15 de noviembre de 1915. aeronautica. Anáhuac, Nezahualcoyotl, Monolplano serie H.
6 de julio de 1917. Correo aéreo
22 de febrero de 1918. 1er título de aviador. teniente.
30 de mayo de 1928. vuelo sin escalas.
11 de junio 1928. vuelo si escalas a washington
22 de mayo 1942. contra alemnia italia y japon
8 de marzo de 1944. Escuadrón 201
23 de febrero de 1945. escuadrón 201
27 de marzo de 1945. filipinas.
4 de junio de 1945. combate. 2,842 hrs. de vuelo. 1457 bombas lanzadas. más de 100000 cartuchos disparados.
18 de nov de 1945. welcome back
1959. colegio del aire.
60's alloway 2 y 3
1982. f5e Era supersónica en méxico.
90's mi8t
cougar pilatos pc9
hermes 450
2007. mujeres.