sábado, septiembre 26


Sometimes mourning the loss of possession is the precondition of love itself, an initial undoing of a phantasm that makes way for something living. And in melancholy, one clings to the lost objects of the lost one, animating the one who is gone or dead. - Judith Butler. To Sense What Is Living the Other

Love and money
Love and trains
Love and clothes
Sorry I cannot help you
Not even 20 minutes

I dance
I'm in love
43 deads +1

sábado, septiembre 5

Golden Triangle

My mystic intentions on life turn into an opium headache

And poppers
Poppers in the park

This is real
I vomit till the end

Sink into the real
Better ideas come
Better than taking a gun
Just to kill her

I'm not against you
I'm not against you
I'm not against you
I'm not against you

miércoles, septiembre 2

s/he compares

Wrecking Miley from Josh Studham on Vimeo.

we kissed you felt under my spell
you can't live a lie, running for your life

it's been seven days and fifteen hours
since you took your love away

nothing compares to you

living with you was always hard
you came in like a wrecking ball

'cause nothing compares
nothing compares to you

I wreck
I close my eyes and I crash

a new crush

all night
all day

running for my life
I hit no more