sábado, julio 23


You have to make it easy and always be ready to fail. I don't think we've lost him, but it's obvious there's something wrong. He discovers multiplicity from his own reality, belonging somewhere where he does not belong but that he devours as his. It's a new natural system that he wants to develop and follow and impose as the new controversial trend of expansion. He is no innovator at all (but who is an innovator now?) and he needs money and he needs recognition from his other partners, who are all over the world. I recognise him, he's better than me in all senses.

While I expose my weaknesses to the world by subscribing to some social media apps I try to reformulate the concept of rash and its treatments. Allergies are treated with hydrocortisone available without prescription. I want to feel pleasure while inserting it as a rectal suppository -which seems like a spaceship- so in that way I can fundament my pleasure in the pain of scratching my skin, and then feel calmed. Sleep, this is another rip by snakeman.